Foot soak + nail shaping + cuticle care + pumice foot scrub + luxury lotion foot massage  + color polish.



Signature Pedicure + sugar Scrub + hot Wax



Platinum pedicure + collagen mask + hot stones





Pedicure of your choice of flavors or scent
Signature pedicure + herbal gel + organic oil and scents + hot stones.

Lavender, Milk Honey, Tropical Sunkiss, Cucumber Melon, Rose Petal, Pomegranate Passion, Pineapple Coconut



Slip away to a peaceful pampering while soaking in calming lavender bath. As your feet is pedicured, the dreamy soft smell of organic lavender oil will help to relax your mind and relieve your anxieties.



This pedicure is created to address dry callused heels in a need of an intensive treatment.  After toes are pedicured and calluses are throughly smoothed away, moisturizing complex with cucumber and melon extract, aloe vera is spread throughly to aid the dry crack skin.  Feet are then wrapped in paraffin lock in the moisture.

Citris Delight Pedicure


Our summer citrus pedicure is a symphony of essential oils, vitamin e, and anti-oxidants formulated to stimulate your senses as it smooths, refines, and conditions your feet.  Followed by a fruit rub to wipe all dead skins and restore moisture.  Your feet is wrapped in moisture rich paraffin.

Milk And Honey Pedicure


Treat yourself like royalty and submerge in hydrating milk bath.  The lactic acid in milk naturally and encourage skin cell renewal as the honey element locks in moisture.  After your feet are pedicured, a milk and honey exfoliation and paraffin dip will leave your skin glowing.  Milk does a pedi good!!!!



Ease your feet into an aromatherapeatic bath rich with tea tree oil, fragrant eucalyptus oil and vitamin e-all anti-inflammatory.  Then enjoy an utlimate scrub of mineral sea salt that polishes the skin.  An intensive heel smoothing treatment with cucumber cream soothes and refreshes like gentle breeze.  Your feet will be indulge in warm paraffin treatment.

Herbal Green Tea Pedicure


The aromas of this foot bath will open your sinuses and clear your head to total pampering. Chinese herbs will help  increase blood circulation while protecting and restoring moisture.

Pineapple Coconut Pedicure!!


Aromas of tropics...a delicously sweet experience begins with tantalizing pineapple and coconut soak. Pineapple sugar scrub gently cleanses, exfoliate and condition the skin through light massage.  A deep penetrating massage using our signature body creme brings you to fruitful bliss...

Rose Petal Pedicure


While sipping glass of sparking wine, enjoy this luxurious champagne treatment with a bed full of roses. 
Finally, a mixture of rose petals and healing herbs are gently rubbed into skin leaving it smooth.